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released December 22, 2015

All tracks recorded live at The Fiddler's Elbow, London in August 2015.
Additional production and mixing by Tom Goldman.
All songs written by Bad Frankenhausen.
Artwork based on the cover for 'Eins' by Bad Frankenhausen, Designed by Dabulga Design.
Copyright Bad Frankenhauusen 2015.
All rights reserved. Unauthorised duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Sincere thanks to all our families and friends for all their inspiration and support.
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all rights reserved


Bad Frankenhausen London, UK

Hard, Heavy Rock and Metal from London Town.

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Track Name: Uncle Grandad
Verse 1

Are you happy on me?
I'm not happy on you.
What the hell can I do?
You repeat what I say,
Every hour of the day,
And there's no fucking way!
I won't listen to you.
Am I not getting through?
What the fucks wrong with you?
Now I don't want to try.
Ain't your throat turning dry?
Why don't you go out get high?


Why won't you stay away uncle granddad?
Why do you pretend to care?
I will put you in your grave uncle granddad.
You are poisoning the air.
Verse 2

Are you laughing at me?
I'm not laughing at you.
What do I have to do?
To change every way,
You react every day,
to the things that I say!
Change the things that you do,
Cos all the pain comes from you.
Am I not getting through?
Won't you give it a try?
Now my throat's turning dry.
Why don't you go out get high?

Verse 3

Are you finished with me?
Is there more left to see?
Can you not leave me be?
The things you say never change
They are always the same.
You are the one left to blame.
Track Name: Whorseradish
Old man writhing in the dirt and gnawing through a whoresradish biding his time
His old girl fixin' to be tricks in with the poison that she's mixing sends him out his mind
They're digging up a grave cos they heard the bounty and the gold from a man at a bar
And they're kicking up a stink, they dig a hole and take a drink and they curse his rotten name.

Old girl riding on horse, past a church down a road on the main street in town
Old sack hanging from her back. Haste. gun from her waist and blood dripping down
She cursed all she cursed and she dug up the hole till the whole of the gold was hers
then she whipped it in her sack and now she's never looking back, gonna ride right outta town

Old man slithering down the path on his back, past the church on the main street in town.
The thoughts turn to love, but a figure stands above, eyes black, void of life, bearing down.
He drags him to the grave that he told the man and wife about. He lied to ensnare and to drown.
And the old Baron laughs, turns and walks the jaded path and he never will return!
Old man writhing in the dirt and gnawing through a whoresradish biding his time
Old man writhing in the dirt and gnawing through a whoresradish rotting his mind!
Track Name: Last Road to Hell
Lone man,
riding down the motorcade.
Night sweeps below his feet.
Whipping winds ,
blowing up the desert sands.
Never knowing where he's gonna sleep.

See him fly into the sky in flames.
No more.

Black night,
He's the longest way from home.
Blowing smoke in the desert sky.
Sand Storm,
Racing cross the astral plane.
Screaming like a hellhound to the sun.

See him fly into the sky in flames.
No more.

Burning through the retina.
Blinding with red shift phase.
Gotta make it there on time.
Don't know any other way.

See him fly into the sky in flames.
No more.

Driving down the motorway.
Never knowing where he's gonna go.
Piss drunk,
He barely turns his eyes away.
Wiped out fucking with the radio.

See him fly into the sky in flames
No more

Flames Burn,
Incinerate the skin and bone.
Man screams his final scream.
Baron smiles,
Another gone without a trace.
Curtains close on the final scene.

See him fly into the sky in flames.
No more.
He's on the last road to Hell.
Track Name: Hail King Liar
Hail King Liar, running through me again.
Feelings sinking below.
Gonna remember the pain.
A lonely, laughing figure who is the King of the lies.
Raises his glass.
Raises his knife.

Hail King Liar stealing feelings again.
Like a knife to the chest.
Like hand round my neck.
Fabricating lines to malignant intent.
Memory sinking below.
Gonna remember my name.

Hail to you king liar.
Deceiving me again.
Hail to you king liar.
Life lived in distain.

Hail king liar like a thief of a life.
Gonna flow through my blood.
Gonna flow through my veins .
Deceptions are growing like a hole in the sky.
Growing in me.
Gonna know who I am.
Track Name: Rob's Goblin
Eggs and Walnuts
Pecans pine nuts
But not peanuts
Water melons
Even kiwis
Not the birds and not the people
Kung PO chicken
Laced with cashews
Why bananas
Nightmare sandwich
Bought from Asda
Lethal lottery

Rob the ginger goblin
Lived on the edge of his seat
And had to check the ingredients
Of everything he eats.
Track Name: Blind Wizened Man
Oh blind wizened man,
Whose watching over you?
He'll take possession of your soul.
His stories from the east,
Are legendary.
They are distorted from the powders he has known .

Lay down your burden.
Until your weariness has gone.
Name your poison.
The time for tales and truth has come.

Give up your burdens.
Now that your weariness has gone.
You've drunk your poison.
Now your waking days are done.